Kuebler and Company’s Kangaroo Computer Covers protect and

preserve sensitive electronic equipment.


These rugged plastic computer and monitor dust covers are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials and fabrication methods. Our rigid plastic enclosures keep computers and monitors clean, safe and secure. Kangaroo Products Computer Covers extend the life expectancy of costly computer equipment.

Factories, laboratories, machine shops, welding shops, finishing facilities, food processing plants or anyplace where dirt, dust or airborne particulates are present need to protect electronic equipment. Kangaroo Computer Covers are used in offices and trade show exhibits, as well.

The FLyer line of clear PETG computer covers is Kuebler and Company's best-selling protective case to safeguard your electronics. The Boomer line of clear PETG computer covers is Kuebler and Company's solution to protecting a complete computer workstation. Clever enginering and design are found in the fan and filtering systems found in Kangaroo Computer Covers, as shown by this hard-working filter.

The Flyer line of Kangaroo Computer and Monitor Covers is the economical, but highly effective answer to dirt and dust and their effect on your sensitive electronic equipment. Our covers can help reduce expensive maintenance and repair costs and minimize down time.

The Boomer line of Kangaroo Combination Computer and Monitor Covers allows both a computer and a flat panel monitor to work inside one housing. Our innovative two-piece, self-sealing design makes installation easy and the perfectly sized fan and filter system protect your equipment.

Speaking of maintenance, our computer and monitor covers require very little maintenance. Customer replaceable filter media from our Mates accessories line, a long-life fan motor and a simple design make caring for a Kangaroo Computer Cover easy.

 An industrial quality computer cover for extreme conditions.

Why it works.

The Kangaroo Computer Cover, when assembled and after closing all openings, is a gasketed, airtight enclosure with filtered air inlets, a tubeaxial circulating fan and a cable port with sleeve.


Room air enters the enclosure at the top through Fiberbond's ® 1" ULOK filter media. The air inlets are placed at the top to minimize infiltration of floor level contaminates. The filter media mount allows the media to function at its full uncompressed thickness. The filter design allows for maximum drag time, i.e., the time air travels over the media fibers. The tubeaxial fan pulls enough air through the unit (at 49 cfm) to provide the computer with necessary cooling. There is no danger of your equipment overheating when housed inside a Kangaroo Computer Cover. Your equipment is absolutely safe. The cable port allows cables of all diameters to pass through and the 6 mil polyethylene sleeve seals the port airtight. Sliding doors make for easy access to protected components.


You’ll appreciate the increased reliability and productivity
that protected components have.